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AI is transforming all business functions, and software development is no exception. Not only can machine learning techniques be used to accelerate the traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC), they present a completely new paradigm for inventing technology. Traditionally, developing a computer programs requires you to specify in advance exactly what you want the system to do and then hand engineer all of the features of your technology. Encoding many tasks in an explicit way is possible, as computers before the advent of AI were still quite powerful. There are many tasks and decisions, however, that are far too complex to teach to computers in a rigid, rule-based way. Even an activity as seemingly simple as identifying whether a photo or video on the internet is of a cat is beyond the reach of traditional software development. Given the vast possible permutations that cat photos can take, no team of engineers can possibly enumerate all of the rules that would reliably recognize cats vs. all of the other possible objects that can appear in media.

Software Development lifecycle