• SAP Asset Management
  • Create and update assets easily and accurately automated SAP asset accounting solutions that offer the extensive flexibility you need to accommodate custom fields or other configuration-specific information. Templates and scripts created by the business can be used across the enterprise, improving data quality and accuracy.

  • Approach with SAP Data Hub
  • Data Hub has inherent pipelines which can orchestrate the end to end data flow which is depicted in the above scenario. Each type of component connection can be broken down into a task within Data Hub. Each task can be executed individually or in conjunction with other tasks in a pipeline. The end to end monitoring of the pipeline will be done from Data Hub workbench. Each tool in connected individually by the separate system connections, data hub can help in managing the load monitoring and end to end data flow. If failures occur at one point in the task then Data Hub can send alerts and IT teams can dig into the individual systems to troubleshoot errors.