Cyber Security
  • Threat Hunting
  • Today’s cyber criminals launch highly targeted attacks to gain valid credentials and become ‘insiders’ within your network. Once inside, they can use built-in tools and executables to accomplish their goals. To keep up, CISOs employ skilled defenders who use advanced tools to find and mitigate these hidden threats.

  • Securing The Virtual Data Center
  • The data center contains the most sensitive data an organization has, but traditional security solutions do not provide the protection that sensitive data requires. Creating additional challenges, SecOps and Infrastructure teams struggle to find the balance between security and performance. Organizations need a solution that protects applications and the sensitive data they store, while being optimized for the dynamic nature of the virtualized data center.

  • Prevent Breaches with System Lockdown
  • It is imperative to have tight control over endpoints containing IP, PII, and other types of sensitive data. A breach to these systems creates significant risk to your business, employees, and customers. Critical system lockdown occurs when strict policies enforce what can run and automatically prevent all untrusted files, applications, and processes from executing.