• Real Estate Blockchain
  • Blockchain ensures the reinvention and digitization of the real estate world. Drawing up, recording and managing lease and purchase contracts has been a labor-intensive, costly job for decades. By applying blockchain technology this can be faster, more reliable and more efficient. The blockchain use case video shows how Deloitte has developed a platform to handle rental and other real estate contracts digitally.

  • Travel Blockchain
  • Amadeus continuously seeks innovations that will stand the test of time and deliver value to the industry. Blockchain is a new enabling technology that for its unique characteristics, is expected to revolutionize many industries, including travel. Amadeus blockchain use case video provides a general overview of the blockchain evolution as well as its unique characteristics.

  • Gaming Platform Blockchain
  • Izetex provides an open platform for the game developers, who will benefit from creating new games. It created a token concept which is based on the blockchain technology, that provides global reliability and trust for the protocol and token transactions. Izetex Network’s blockchain use case video shows how the cryptocurrency technology is used in gaming industry.