Enterprise Mobility
  • Banking
  • A bank uses the speed and increased customer engagement offered by mobile devices as a competitive differentiator in its mortgage application process. Through a simple social interface, all parties involved can see the status of an application and can quickly collaborate to move it to completion. The app includes features such as a loan rate calculator and multimedia uploads for completion of home inspections.

  • Insurance
  • An insurance company deploys its insurance claim adjuster teams to major catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes with mobile devices that use geo-location, electronic forms and multimedia uploads to accelerate claim submissions in devastated regions. Other national insurance providers, such as Progressive and Geico, also have iPad apps.

  • Manufacturing
  • Consider a provider of metals, services and solutions to oil and gas manufacturers that uses mobile devices to ensure the safety of its manufacturing facilities. The company’s Safety Audit app allows site managers and executives to initiate and complete safety inspections on the shop floor in real time. When the inspection is complete, the app produces comprehensive audit documentation that can be reviewed on the mobile device and submitted with a single click. System participants also receive an email with the documentation enclosed.